Squat Stance Variations


We are all different, even when it comes to our body composition and squat stances.  Coach Justin takes an in depth look at the different ways we squat!

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I have had some questions on what I do to keep my shoulders feeling healthy and strong.  Hope these exercises help! 1) Shoulder Mobility: I borrowed part of this routine from GMB Fitness. If you have not checked them out, do it! By starting out with a general [...]

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Mobility – You Stretch Too Much


"You Stretch Too Much" Before you upset and comment, hear me out. Foam rolling and stretching are GREAT tools.  When done correctly they can effectively improve recovery, mobility, and performance. However, most people only stretch and never strengthen correctly. To use a very basic example try this:  Flex your bicep.  While your bicep is [...]

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Mobility – Types of Mobility


Dynamic vs. Static At UpReach Crossfit, we highly encourage our athletes to properly warm-up before workouts and stretch afterward to reduce recovery time and prevent injury. We typically talk about two types of stretching, dynamic, and static. Below is a brief breakdown of each. Dynamic: Dynamic stretching usually consists of movements directed to [...]

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