I have had some questions on what I do to keep my shoulders feeling healthy and strong.  Hope these exercises help!

1) Shoulder Mobility:

I borrowed part of this routine from GMB Fitness. If you have not checked them out, do it! By starting out with a general shoulder stretch every other part of this feels more open and easy!

2) Internal and External Rotations:

By strengthening both internal and external rotation we give the rotator cuff a stable base to work from. In this video I show 3 different options depending on what you have available. My favorite is the CrossOver Symmetry. If you do not have one it is worth the investment!

3) Crossovers:

Most overhead movements take us through somewhere in this plane of motion. By training our shoulder to be stable through them we reduce pain and increase our range of motion!

4) Inverted Kettlebell Press:

By forcing our shoulder to balance an inverted kettlebell while pressing, we train the small stabilizer muscles to fire correctly!

5) Scap Push-up and Pull-up:

The Scapula is designed to move! My taking it though range of motion, we loosen up all the sticky points and free the scap to do what it was designed to do!

I do 10-15 reps of each movement 2-3x/day

If you have any questions please reach out. I would LOVE to help!

Coach Justin