Membership Cancellation
& Hold Policies

MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATIONS: We have been so fortunate to build an amazing community at UpReach since the start.  We know that life happens and it necessary for you to change your membership.  We have all developed close relationships with one another, and sometimes those conversations are not easy to have.  We want to make those discussions fair for everyone.  We have put the below policies in place to ensure that everyone gets treated fairly and the expectation is consistent with discussions held.

We require 30 days’ notice via email, text, or other written consent of cancellation date.  This requirement can be found in Section IV of the membership contract.

MEMBERSHIP RATE AFTER CANCELLATION: If membership is cancelled but then reinstated at a later date, member will be subject to ACTIVE listed membership rate, not rate at the time of cancellation.

MEMBERSHIP HOLDS: Membership holds will be permitted for 2 consecutive months (60 Days).  We require 30 days’ notice via email, text, or other written consent of hold request date. Limit to 1 hold per membership year. *Holds due to injury are EXEMPT from 30 notice policy. 

MEMBERSHIP UPGRADES/DOWNGRADES: Membership UPGRADES can be made at any time during the billing period.  Rate will be prorated based on the time of upgrade.  Membership DOWNGRADES require 30-day notice.

OPEN GYMEffective February 1, 2020 all UpReach members will be required to check themselves in upon arrival regardless of attending a CrossFit class or using the facilities for open gym.  The allotted “X per week” of the selected membership, refers to DAYS per week you choose to use the gym.

  • You can attend the gym multiple times in one day. That counts as ONE day used
  • You can use open gym prior to or after class. That still only counts as ONE day used

OPEN GYM PROGRAMMINGEffective February 1, 2020 all open gym programming must be approved by an UpReach Coach.
• Extra Credit work programmed by UR Staff will be provided daily and is APPROVED
• Additional Programming provided by UR Staff to clients is APPROVED
• Cash-outs are always APPROVED

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