Matt & Natalie Malone

Matt & Natalie Malone Coaches of Personal Training In Cedar Park


Natalie Malone, CrossFit Level 1

Husband and wife team. The friendship began in 1992 when Matt mowed the lawn for Natalie’s parents. Coincidentally, Matt and Natalie’s best friends were brother and sister and all of them attended the same local schools and were members of the same church. Eventually, Matt and Natalie went their separate ways during their college days, but were reunited in 2006 when Natalie transferred to The University of Texas. Initially, the relationship began 2006 as a friendship centered on fitness and maintaining healthy lifestyles. Because Matt and Natalie have extensive athletic backgrounds, sharing fitness regimes and similar interests seemed to naturally bring them together. Matt tried his hand at many sports such as soccer, football, basketball, wakeboarding, and golf. Golf came the most naturally to Matt. Matt played on the varsity golf team at McNeil High School and then continued to play golf as a hobby during college. Natalie participated as a cheerleader in high school, both for McNeil High School and with a competitive team. Natalie also served as a cheerleader at Baylor University her freshman year. Somewhere along this journey, Matt and Natalie began meeting at the gym several times a week, then grabbing dinner. Those casual dinners turned into date nights which then evolved into a serious relationship. In August 2010, Matt and Natalie married. In July 2012, Matt was introduced to CrossFit. He had an instant connection with the sport and the CrossFit community. In October of 2012, Natalie joined. The two spent countless hours at the gym growing their love for CrossFit and their friends that they had met in this phenomenal community of people with like interests . In 2014, Baby Jett was born. Jett has been raised by his parents and a balcony group of CrossFitters who have encouraged Jett to participate and excel in physical and social activities that he enjoys.