Holly Cuozzo

I have been a full-time fitness professional since 2017, and before that I worked in education. In this time, I have watched people re-start exercising after a stroke, get their first pull up or muscle up, build more confidence in themselves, and get more out of life. I strongly believe that fitness and health are for everyone and I work hard to be sure people not only get a good workout but also build their understanding and proficiency of movement with every session. Because of my education background, I want to help you learn about movement and better understand your body and how it moves. My hope is that every class you will walk away having learned at least a little nugget of information, or at minimum you laughed a lot and had fun!


MSc Sport and Exercise Science from University of Essex

CrossFit Level 1

Precision Nutrition Level 1

Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM, NCSF)

Certified Strength Coach (NCSF)