Member of the Month – Phanny Lay

Member of the Month – JUNE 2018

Phanny Lay is this month’s member of the month!  We sat down with Phanny this week to learn more about why she joined Crossfit.

  • What led you to try out Crossfit?

Short Answer:  My frieeeennnd Efffrennn

Long Answer:  When I first started working out, I decided to use a personal trainer and I went to 24 Hour Fitness.  I hated it.  Every day I would dread going to the gym because I hated it so much.  I worked out with him for several months and every day that I went I hated every single freaking part.  I was talking with one of my coworkers one day and she mentioned that she was doing Camp Gladiator.  She said that her husband bought her a Groupon for it and she kept telling me was how much she enjoyed it and how I should try it with her sometime.  A couple weeks later she told me she was selected as for their member profile that month.  They did a whole expose on her!  I read the profile  it made me cry because she had just beat cancer and shortly after had gotten into a car wreck.  She suffered severe injuries and was wheelchair-bound for months.  At one point they told her that there was a possibility that she couldn’t walk.  She proved them wrong. She committed herself to extensive rehab and exercise and beat the odds.  After learning of her struggles, I was emotional!  I was just like, dude what’s my excuse?  I’m complaining about the fact that I don’t like working out because I don’t like my trainer?  At this point, I decided to call up my friend Efren and told him I would really like to try this CrossFit thing that he had told me about, I think I’m ready.

When I walked in, Justin said “Hey everyone!  This is Fanny, Efrens’ friend!” HAHA!

  • What is your favorite part about UpReach?

The community for sure.  I think that everybody has their own goals.  Whether if it’s to lose weight or just to be better athlete.  It pushes you to be better and I think it spills over into your personal life.

  • What is the biggest change that you have seen since starting Crossfit?

I think I’m definitely more outgoing and more confident.  I think before Crossfit I was a little bit more of an introvert.

So yeah that’s the big change.

  • Who is your favorite Disney Character?

Mulan.  She didn’t listen to anyone else.  She just was herself and that’s all you can be, the best self the best version of you.

HUGE THANKS TO PHANNY for participating in this month member of the month interview!  We look forward to sharing each of your stories in the following months!