Member of the Month – Francesca Autore

Member of the Month – OCTOBER 2018

Fall is among us!  It’s hard to believe that we are on our 10th member of the month.  Although, it is not hard to believe that we have so many outstanding members at UpReach!  Francesca Autore is this months member of the month!  Francesca regularly attends the 5:30 AM class, so many of you have not yet had the opportunity to meet her personally (she’s pretty awesome!)  We caught up with Francesca and asked her a few questions about her Crossfit journey.

  • What led you to try out Crossfit?

I’ve been running since 2014 and this year I really wanted to take my fitness to the next level with strength and functional training. I have always struggled on my own and needed something and Crossfit seemed to do just that.

  • What is your favorite part about UpReach?

Everything! From the coaching to the camaraderie, I can’t name just one!

  • What is the biggest change that you have seen since starting Crossfit?

Increase in overall strength. Before Crossfit I couldn’t imagine doing a rope climb. Smashed that! 

  • If you could be on any TV show, reality or not, what would it be and why?

Grey’s Anatomy! I might just have a slight propensity for drama. Oh and Dr. McSteamy!

Francesca has been crushing goals and making gains since starting at UpReach!  If you are ever up super early, make your way to the 5:30 am class to meet Francesca! We are so stoked that Francesca is a part of this community!  Thank you for participating!