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Our Lifestyle Coaching in Austin goes beyond the gym, helping bridge the gap between your gym activities and the rest of your day. With our approach, we focus on extending healthy habits to all aspects of your life, ensuring a journey towards happiness, fulfillment, and longevity.

Through working with one of our coaches on your lifestyle you’ll learn how to implement tangible actions into your everyday life inside and outside the gym to live a holistic, healthy, and happy life. Are you ready to take the ultimate step in your health, happiness and longevity? Then book a call with one of our coaches.


About my coaching:

My coaching practice is centered around a 3-month start-to-finish program. The goal of this program is to envision where you want to go and who you want to become in the next 3 months. Through a step-by-step process, we start YOUR path to a good life, by experimenting with new habits, troubleshooting issues in your day-to-day life, scheduling your ideal days, and ultimately building more self-awareness and respect around the life you want to live. If you are ready to take the leap to completely transform your life in just 12 weeks, book a call and let’s get to it!


About my coaching:

Just like putting in the work at the gym and creating habits with nutrition, the brain works the same way. It is hard, but remaining in your current state of mind is even harder. Through training your brain, letting your ego behind, and finding fulfillment, a brand-new perspective on how to balance it all can be found.

Coach Jayme takes her clients through her “Bootcamp,” leading them to true clarity on what has them stuck, uncovering the “BS” belief system that is their security blanket and current “mental wiring,” and lastly teaches them sustainable habits, and tactics that will allow them to unleash the best version of themselves!

If you are looking for a high-energy coach that blends motivation, inspiration, AND tough love, reach out to Jayme!

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