What CrossFit does exercise-wise, is nothing new.  High intensity functional movement has been around for a very long time.  However, CrossFit does something that almost no other fitness program does.  It creates COMMUNITY.  When you get a group of people together in one place day after day, month after month, year after year, suffering, growing, laughing, crying, hitting PRs, yelling, and falling on the ground exhausted, community naturally happens. Call it a family, a team, a tribe, whatever, people are drawn to working really really hard together.

When we started UpReach CrossFit we decided on two core values, Community and Excellence.  Today, 5 months later, I want to take some time to brag on this incredible community we have!

In the 5 months we have been open, I have seen all of the following things and more:
  • Relationships begin
  • Marriage Engagements Happen
  • Pool parties
  • Non-English speakers get welcomed and spoken to in their own language
  • Weekly “Family Dinners”
  • Real MVPs
  • A person left for a job and comes back to visit with a celebration (and multiple texts to move back!!!)
  • People drive hours and stay overnight to support someone’s competition
  • A car got broken into and a gym bag stolen and the gym came together to get every single thing replaced
  • Literally everyone can do this!  Injuries, weight, age are all no exception!
  • We have had our Christmas party planned since March so no one would miss out
  • We don’t HAVE to we GET to!
  • Random track fitness happening Saturday mornings with a group
  • If you are new you are welcomed with a high five from every single person in the room
  • CrossFit For Quilters
  • One person helping another by coming over and holding them accountable to get all their work done for an MBA.
  • BabyFit
  • Even when you leave, you are still a part of the family
  • Those with injuries are supported, encouraged to come and worked back to 100%
  • Every single part of the CrossFit Open
  • One person welcoming every single person they meet with a smile and genuinely wanting to know them more. I have seen this person do this to every single person he doesn’t know.
  • BroSeshs aren’t just for the boys 💪
  • Team Competitions!
  • Someone is here for not even a week and gets welcomed into grabbing food downtown with a group
  • Someone has a boat and invites people out every single week
  • Weekly Group “Murph Prep”
  • A group of people selflessly coming together to put together equipment, cut rubber matting, paint, and create a gym. One in particular who came every single day for HOURS!
  • Not With That Attitude!!!
  • People staying for hours after their class to get better together.
  • Random team 200 push-ups
  • Bromances
  • Best movers ever!
  • Boat parties
  • Kids of every single age are welcome
  • Beach Body Challenge
  • Actually. I can!
  • We don’t clean up till everyone is done
  • Gym BBQs
  • Fiercely celebrating PRs
  • 50+ cheering for the last person to finish murph
  • PJmasks and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Age is nothing but a number. Youngest is 11, oldest is 84.
  • When hardships come, we come together
  • Learning that no matter what, you have a group of people that is here for you.

If I could share the specifics of the stories I have seen and heard you would be blown away!  Thank you to everyone who makes this community absolutely incredible.  You are what makes this place great.  I promise to to do everything I can to continue to make this community the very best it can be!

For those that are reading this and are not a part of our community yet, know that you are welcome here.  Come see what this community is all about!
-Coach Justin