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Member of the Month – Chloe Dayton


Member of the Month – NOVEMBER 2018 How awesome is this weather?!  November is such a great month for working outdoors and working out in general!  Thanksgiving is upon us and we all know what that means... FOOD!  Aside from the deliciousness that accompanies Thanksgiving, is recognizing how fortunate we are.  Here at UpReach, [...]

Member of the Month – Chloe Dayton2018-11-05T14:00:41+00:00

To Belt or Not To Belt…


The weightlifting belt is an awesome tool, but just like any tool it only works well when it is used correctly.  Let's take a minute and talk about what a belt can and cannot do. Belts can: 1: Help you increase your intra-abdominal pressure.  By wearing a belt correctly and actively "pushing out" with [...]

To Belt or Not To Belt…2018-10-19T09:44:24+00:00

Member of the Month – Francesca Autore


Member of the Month – OCTOBER 2018 Fall is among us!  It's hard to believe that we are on our 10th member of the month.  Although, it is not hard to believe that we have so many outstanding members at UpReach!  Francesca Autore is this months member of the month!  Francesca regularly attends the 5:30 [...]

Member of the Month – Francesca Autore2018-10-09T12:05:49+00:00

The Golden Hour – Post Workout Nutrition


The Facts about “The Golden Hour” Most of us have heard of “The Golden Hour.”  If you have not, this is 45 to 60 minutes AFTER a workout.  During this time, muscles absorb the most nutrients, and glycogen is replaced very efficiently since it was just depleted by the strenuous exercise.  There are some [...]

The Golden Hour – Post Workout Nutrition2018-10-02T13:05:11+00:00



I have had some questions on what I do to keep my shoulders feeling healthy and strong.  Hope these exercises help! 1) Shoulder Mobility: I borrowed part of this routine from GMB Fitness. If you have not checked them out, do it! By starting out with a general [...]

MOBILITY – SHOULDERS2018-09-20T14:36:54+00:00

Member of the Month – Don Ringham


Member of the Month - SEPTEMBER 2018 This months member of the month is Don Ringham!  As most of you know, Don will be headed back to his homeland of St. Croix, USVI.  Don has been a stand-out part of this community from the moment he stepped through the door in April.  Before he [...]

Member of the Month – Don Ringham2018-09-10T09:43:03+00:00

Member of the Month – Heather Cox


Member of the Month - AUGUST 2018 Heather Cox is this month member of the month!  Heather has made incredible progress since joining UpReach.  Whether it be gymnastics skills, lifting skills, or cardio, Heather has tackled the challenge!  Here are some facts about how Heather made the choice to start this journey and what [...]

Member of the Month – Heather Cox2018-09-27T06:16:30+00:00

Mobility – You Stretch Too Much


"You Stretch Too Much" Before you upset and comment, hear me out. Foam rolling and stretching are GREAT tools.  When done correctly they can effectively improve recovery, mobility, and performance. However, most people only stretch and never strengthen correctly. To use a very basic example try this:  Flex your bicep.  While your bicep is [...]

Mobility – You Stretch Too Much2018-09-27T06:33:23+00:00

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration


With the summer upon us, it’s important to remember to hydrate before, during and after our workouts.  We have recently reviewed some products that assist in maintaining adequate hydration levels.  That review can be found here.  Below are some recommendations for maintaining proper hydration during the hot summer months. Hydration Before Exercise Drink about [...]

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration2020-07-13T06:30:24+00:00

Member of the Month – Mark Brazell


Member of the Month - JULY 2018 Many times, members from the morning classes and members from the evening classes do not have much interaction due to the the fact that classes do not overlap.  Even though this is the unavoidable truth, you will find Mark at many of the Saturday morning community workouts.  [...]

Member of the Month – Mark Brazell2018-09-10T14:42:01+00:00
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