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Embracing “Boujee” Foods


Eating wholesome, nutrient dense foods  does not have to be complicated for you and your family. It can absolutely be frustrating and that is a whole separate topic but as long as there is a variety of properly prepared and consciously sourced ingredients most of the time, the types of meals you can create [...]

Embracing “Boujee” Foods2020-02-25T06:03:03+00:00

Squat Stance Variations


We are all different, even when it comes to our body composition and squat stances.  Coach Justin takes an in depth look at the different ways we squat!

Squat Stance Variations2020-02-17T08:26:09+00:00

You Probably Aren’t Eating Enough


Ok, I know what you are thinking reading that title, “You don't know me! how do you know i'm not eating enough, Sean?”  Well, here's my question to you,  do you ACTUALLY know how much you are eating every day, really, do you?  Be honest with yourself here. Do you track all your food [...]

You Probably Aren’t Eating Enough2020-02-11T13:11:43+00:00

Confessions of a Former Over Gripper


Let me start this by saying, there is no "right" or "wrong" way to grip a pull-up bar. There is, however, a grip that creates more shoulder stability and provides more safety during the swinging motions. If you would have asked me in the past about how to grip a pull-up bar, I [...]

Confessions of a Former Over Gripper2020-02-03T11:01:52+00:00

Emotional Eating is Not Always a Problem: Enjoy Your Food with Less Guilt


Community, Joy, and Self Compassion The Holidays are over and a New Year has arrived once again. You might have eaten cookies for breakfast, drank more alcohol at  various holiday parties and family gatherings  than the entire year combined, or indulged in family favorite recipes that now have you feeling like your  belly is [...]

Emotional Eating is Not Always a Problem: Enjoy Your Food with Less Guilt2020-01-08T16:01:33+00:00

Breathing and Bracing: Why It Matters


You look up at the clock, sweat dripping down your face, heart beating through your chest, hands on your knees, it reads 5:00 minutes.  You think to yourself “How can it only be 5 minutes into a 20-minute workout and I can barely BREATH?”  If you have done any meaningful exercise in the past [...]

Breathing and Bracing: Why It Matters2019-05-08T16:41:41+00:00

Member of the Month – Martha Coffman


MEMBER OF THE MONTH – MAY 2019 This month we're getting to know Martha, who has been at UpReach Crossfit for about a year now.  We chose Martha this month because we've seen her grow surer of herself and we love her enthusiasm as she relentlessly pursues to make herself better.   Get to know [...]

Member of the Month – Martha Coffman2019-05-03T21:13:55+00:00

Quick-and-Easy Tips for Better Health from Head to Toe


In a world where we are often on the go, finding great ways to stay healthy can be tough. We like things that are convenient for our busy days. Thankfully, good health doesn’t have to be complicated or tedious. Here are some quick-and-easy tips to help you enjoy better health without spending too much [...]

Quick-and-Easy Tips for Better Health from Head to Toe2019-04-12T06:59:29+00:00

Member of the Month – David Bull


MEMBER OF THE MONTH – APRIL 2019 We have officially been recognizing one standout member of the community for 12 months!  We can't wait to continue this tradition for many years to come!  This month, David Bull has been chosen as the April member of the month!  Get to know David and learn about [...]

Member of the Month – David Bull2019-04-05T19:17:05+00:00
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